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British strategic intelligence firm, formed by two veteran MI6 spies, that worked for Monsanto. 
Articles: Monsanto's Spies, Hakluyt Report: White House Has Monsanto’s Back
White House Has “Monsanto’s Back on Pesticides,” Newly Revealed Document Says

 Bernd Halling
European public policy manager of EuropaBio.
Profiles: Powerbase
Article: Fake Blood on the Maize
See also: EuropaBio 

Karl Haro von Mogel
Co-founder with Anastasia Bodnar of Biofortified, where he is Director of Science and Media and Co-Executive Editor of the Biofortified Blog. His Biofortified co-directors have included Anastasia BodnarKevin FoltaPamela Ronald and David Tribe.
Profiles: SourceWatch
Articles: Once aligned to fight for Monsanto, GMO activists now battle among themselves 
How "the Biofortified boys" defended the pesticide industry's secrets in Hawaii 
Biofortified Aids Chemical Industry PR & Lobbying Efforts
New row erupts over Folta’s failure to disclose lucrative Bayer consultancy
Tell the Truth About GMOs, Avoid Myths Put Out by Biotech Industry and its Followers
Links to: BiofortifiedAnastasia Bodnar, Kevin Folta, Pamela RonaldDavid TribeMary Mangan, Cami Ryan, Drew Kershen, Calestous Juma, Steve Savage, Kavin Senapathy, Food Evolution

 Jonathon Harrington
Pro-GM agricultural consultant, and part of the biotech industry-funded lobby group CropGen, who claims to have grown GM crops in Wales against the unanimous wishes of the Welsh Assembly.  
Profiles: Powerbase
Article: No evidence for Harrington claim
See also: CropGen 

Wallace A Hayes
Editor of Food and Chemical Toxicology (FCT) when it published a paper by Prof Gilles-Eric Séralini. Became a Monsanto consultant, then retracted the Séralini paper.
Articles: Uncovered: Monsanto campaign to get Séralini study retracted 
Retraction by corruption: the 2012 Séralini paper 
See also: Richard Goodman, David Saltmiras, Dan Goldstein, Eric Sachs and Bruce Hammond

Also known as the Challenge Program on Biofortification, HarvestPlus is a programme of the Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research (CGIAR) to produce nutritionally enhanced crops (in practice, this often means GM) for the Third World.
Profiles: Powerbase
See also: Consultative Group on International Agricultural Research, International Rice Research Institute 

Brian Heap
Former vice president of the Royal Society. Former director of research at the Roslin Institute. Helped co-author two of the four reports rushed out in an attempt to discredit the research of Dr Arpad Pusztai.
Profiles: Powerbase 
Book chapter: The 'Star Chamber' (Chapter 6 of Don't Worry, It's Safe to Eat, by Andy Rowell)
Articles: Strange Bedfellows
Links to: Royal Society, Peter Lachmann, Robert May, Nuffield Council, Sense About Science

 Ron Herring
Cornell based political scientist and advisor, along with CS Prakash, to the industry-linked Foundation for Biotechnology Awareness and Education (FBAE) based in Bangalore.
Article: China, Rice and GMOs, Response to Herring from DDS
See also: Shanthu Shantharam

 David Hill
Director of the PR and lobbying firm Bell Pottinger and former managing director of its subsidiary Good Relations, where he was a public relations advisor to Monsanto. Was director of communications for former UK prime minister Tony Blair.
Profiles: Powerbase
See also: Bell Pottinger Good Relations, Chime Communications

 Hill and Knowlton
PR and lobbying firm at the centre of controversy for its work for the tobacco industry and for garnering support for the US invasion of Iraq.
Profiles: Powerbase
See also: Spiked

 John Hillman
Former director of the Scottish Crop Research Institute and formerly on the board of the BioIndustry Association. Has followed Dennis Avery in making unsubstantiated pejorative claims about organic food.
Profiles: Powerbase
Articles: Prof Hillman attacked for promoting bogus claims 
See also: Dennis Avery, BioIndustry Association, Scottish Crop Research Institute, Bill Macfarlane Smith, Mike Wilson

 Hoover Institution
Pro-corporate think tank. Henry I. Miller, who lobbies for GM food, is a senior research fellow.
Profiles: Powerbase
See also: Henry I. Miller

Rob Horsch
Former Monsanto Vice President who became Deputy Director for Agricultural Research & Development at the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation (2006-2018). On the Advisory Council of the Global Farmer Network. 

 Horticulture Research International
The UK government's main testing and development arm for market gardening, fruit and related crops. When under the direction of controversial CEO Mike Wilson, it took on a markedly pro-GM role.
Profiles: Powerbase
See also: Mike Wilson

 Hudson Institute
Conservative free market think tank with biotech industry funding. Hosts the Center for Global Food Issues, formerly directed by the late Dennis Avery.
Profiles: Powerbase, SourceWatch
See also: Alex Avery, Michael Fumento

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