Hear the "other" side of the GMO debate, beyond the industry talking points. (Time 1:54:01)

Michael Hansen PhD is an international expert on agricultural science and policy, and has been working on these issues for over 30 years! He is senior scientist for Consumers Union, and has been instrumental in key aspects of the GMO debate including the Vermont labeling bill, international standards on biotechnology, and genetic contamination issues. He's an evolutionary biologist by training, and implemented some of the first agroecological techniques of growing food, now widely accepted and mainstream. In short, he's no amateur.

Jonathan Latham PhD is a geneticist and virologist, and the research leading to his PhD thesis involved genetically engineering plants. He is executive director for the Bioscience Resource Project, and editor for Independent Science News, found at

Jonathan is also the author of several scientific reviews on the off-target effects of genetic engineering, with a key focus on the use of viral transgenes in GM crops.

This discussion is part of a student-run, independent 11-part lecture series at Cornell University, in direct response to one student's experience of pro-GMO propaganda in the classroom.

Robert Schooler is a Cornell student who decided to stand up to Monsanto's deep ties to his university, by hosting an independent lecture series at Cornell! His project is entitled GMO WTF, and he is currently raising $5.6 million dollars for various projects at Cornell. Why? Because that's the exact amount Bill Gates gave Cornell to promote GMO agriculture! Read more here:

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