In countries around the world, powerful lobbies are asking governments to weaken regulations around genetically modified foods and crops in order to allow new gene-edited products a smooth path to market.

In a webinar, Myths and Truths of Gene-Edited Foods, molecular geneticist Dr Michael Antoniou and GMWatch editor Claire Robinson explain why gene-edited foods and crops could prove dangerous to our health. They expose the false and misleading nature of many of the claims that are being made about the potential and safety of these new products. They also explain what type of regulation is needed to protect the public and the environment. The presentation includes an in-depth explanation by Dr Antoniou of the science of gene editing and where things can go wrong.

The knowledge presented in this webinar is essential for all those who are concerned about the safety and integrity of our food supply.

Watch the video here: Myths and Truths of Gene-Edited Foods

Examples of gene editing