The California Committee for the Right to Know wants to let you know about this new ballot initiative in California and what it REALLY means for you and your family. (Time: 2:02)

Our mission is to get this initiative on the CA 2012 ballot to require mandatory labeling of foods that contain genetically engineered ingredients.

We need 850,000 signatures to put this up for the vote this November. Visit to find a place near you to sign; you have until April 22nd.

While this is an initiative for California, EVERYONE EATS!!

What happens here impacts the whole country AND we invite other states to join us in a unified STAND for what we want.

Polls consistently show that a large margin of the majority of citizens in the US want GMOs labeled (72-96%, depending on the poll). It's time for this to be law. Please visit and get involved in the future of your food.

Many thanks to Monica Knight for donating her voice.

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