"Frightening to think it may have been engineered" – scientist

Independent expert evaluations confirm that the Gates-funded Alliance For A Green Revolution has failed

Judge reverses ruling that had helped Monsanto

Salt-tolerant and salt-sensitive soybeans

Conventional breeding with marker assisted selection succeeds where GM has failed. Report by Claire Robinson

Court slams company for "reckless disregard" for consumer safety

Gene editing-free seed, plant and food label

Uncontrolled distribution of unlabelled and non-safety tested gene-edited tomato seed prompts citizens to set up OK SEED Mark

Poisoned fruits

New scientific commentary explains reforms needed to protect public health

Growing frustration that time is up for the industry to fix its off-target dicamba movement problem, now in its fifth year

Latest research echoes earlier studies that found women exposed to the herbicide were more likely to have shorter pregnancies, which can increase babies' risk of long-term health problems

New book sheds light on the human and environmental impacts from widely used herbicides, offering a potential antidote to the industry playbook downplaying their harm

pink bollworm

Farmers have faced regular infestations for at least four years; pesticide spraying to increase

Judge agrees with Monsanto that federal law regarding pesticide regulation and labelling preempts “failure to warn” claims under state law

Impossible plant-based burger

Soy leghemoglobin does not have a history of safe use in food

indigo rose tomato

New York Times Magazine publishes false and misleading statements in pro-GMO fairytale. Report: Claire Robinson and Jonathan Matthews

New phylogeographic analysis has major implications for understanding origin of virus

Spraying by one person can devastate thousands of acres of crops

Confidential US EPA report contradicts agency’s long-held public regulatory stance that glyphosate is not a carcinogen

Testbiotech warns against disregarding scientific evidence

Move follows costly litigation battle over cancer-causing weedkiller Roundup

Herbicide damage to hills oak, jevertson

"Trees that were old" in the 1540s "are damaged and dying"

Approval in the Philippines is a threat to all other rice-producing countries

Child robot creating clones genetic engineering

Group says the WHO is trying to normalise human genetic engineering; Prof Stuart Newman condemns uncontrolled experiments on prospective people

Anopheles Stephensi Mosquito

Infecting mosquitoes with a naturally occurring biocontrol agent means they can't pass malaria to people. Report: Claire Robinson and Jonathan Matthews

Multidrug resistant bacteria inside a biofilm

Glyphosate, glufosinate, and dicamba all affect soil microbiomes – study

Director of the Wellcome Trust Jeremy Farrar's pandemic tale raises more questions than it answers

Feeding crying baby

Letter to the editor of the Financial Times

Barbara Van Dyck unpacks the narratives that underpin corporate campaigns to deregulate new GM technologies

EPA managers removed information about the risks posed by dozens of chemicals, according to whistleblowers

No independent health risk assessment was done; Farmer-scientist group MASIPAG condemns decision

Revelations come as Europe wrestles over renewal question for Bayer’s Roundup herbicides