Mosquito Aedes aegypti and Wolbachia Bacteria

Wolbachia bacterium sterilises male insects, preventing reproduction

The risks of new GM techniques such as gene editing increase over time and scale of production – so they must still be regulated

Chromothripsis - the result of a single catastrophic event in a cells history

Discovery of "catastrophic" unintended effect of CRISPR gene editing may have caused slump in companies' stock. Report: Claire Robinson

Can altering genes be safe - Geoffrey Lean

Longtime GMO critic Geoffrey Lean draws attention to troubling research findings on gene editing

Dodgy Gene Edited Tomato and white elephants

Gene-edited tomato is expensive and unnecessary

Swiss Nationalratssaal Winter session

National Council must report on coexistence and liability in the event of GMO contamination within four years

Gene Drive Organisms - A New Dimension of Genetic Engineering banner

Agriculture and bioweapons are focus of gene drive research

The details of what is actually going to change were both vague and downplayed

Indian Paddy Fields

Academic report points to "large number of GM rice field trials" with poor biosafety controls. Report: Claire Robinson

Govt criticised for burying unfavourable consultation results

Minister reveals plans to change laws inherited from EU

Shattered DNA

Keep GM food out of our fields and off our plates (quick and easy action for EU and non-EU citizens)

500 tonnes of Indian GMO rice were used in many countries to make, among other things, sweets for the Mars company

Political map of United Kingdom with member countries

Both will follow the EU instead

CRISPR plants reveal the complex risks of genome editing, reports Testbiotech

British people do not want deregulation

Company Logos

Commission reportedly aims to exempt some new GMOs from safety regulations within four years and change regulation for all new GMOs within 10 years

Various sterling notes

UK government's response to public consultation on gene editing is scientifically indefensible and a slap in the face for democracy

Genetically Modified Cow with DNA strand

New method for detecting artificial transgenes

Entire wheat supply chain is worried about the effects of transgenic wheat on the health of consumers

Burnt toast

Wheat for people "who are unable to use a toaster properly" will be planted in open field

Laboratory bioreactor

Cell-cultured meat is "a fable driven by hope, not science, and when the investors finally realise this the market will collapse"

Farmers are turning to the past to ensure a future by planting indigenous seeds as the North African country suffers at a time of drought, disease and climate change

Baby with Microcephaly disease

Five years ago, GMWatch was correct to draw attention to dangers of the chemical. Report: Claire Robinson and Jonathan Matthews

Armyworm pest

New study shows unanticipated negative impact of Bt insecticidal crop on beneficial insect. Report: Claire Robinson

Gates only supports certain products of science — GM seeds, chemical fertilizers, and other inputs that farmers have to buy from large agribusiness corporations

Endocrine disruptors and nervous system disruptors

New paper points to link between hormone and nerve damage. Report: Claire Robinson

Seek special compensation from govt

CRISPR/Cas9 system for editing

Principles contain useful elements but some serious pitfalls. Report: Claire Robinson