No GMO sign

Tell the government not to deregulate experimental gene-edited foods

The genetically modified food debate has been reignited after the UK government announced plans to consider loosening regulation on GM crops and animals

Coop reject GM Gene-Edting

The company has thrown its weight behind the #NotInMySupermarket campaign

The same disruptive processes by which glyphosate and Roundup disrupt the gut microbiome may also occur in the soil

"No convincing natural zoonotic origin for the pandemic will ever be found by China or the WHO or anyone else – for the simple reason that one does not exist" – scientists

No established tests are in place

"When will the media realize that with Gates you have to follow the money?" – journalist Tim Schwab

Biohazard sign and DNA strand

Did scientists break the law by eating GMO salmon from their research project? Report: Claire Robinson

Internal government emails show actions similar to those by Bayer and lobbyists to kill a proposed ban in Thailand in 2019

DNA, Coronavirus and Needle

Exploiting the pandemic to market GM crops makes little sense. Report: Jonathan Matthews and Claire Robinson

In Mexico, acquired herbicide resistance and insecticide genes can disrupt cotton’s ecosystem

organic cocoa farming

Profitability and productivity of organic farming can equal other systems – while increasing soil fertility, reducing pesticide use

Emails show Peter Daszak and others tried to undermine hypothesis that SARS-CoV-2 may have leaked from the Wuhan Institute of Virology (WIV)

FDA fails to demand needed tests, its approval not based on "convincing evidence" as required by law

Gene Editing Misinformation

DEFRA's evidence-free leaflet is a wish list for GMO boosters and misleads the public

Talk with — not at — the public, or risk losing the argument again, says Jack Stilgoe

“The exit from glyphosate is coming" – environment minister Svenja Schulze

Gene Drive Acceptance Survey

European “Stop Gene Drives” campaign demands global moratorium

British supermarkets are asked to refuse to stock foods produced from unregulated and unlabelled gene-edited crops and animals

Gut Biome and Roundup

New study reveals evidence for potential cancer-causing damage. Report: Claire Robinson

UK government consultation on gene editing prejudges, is inaccessible, and shows disdain for average citizens

Mosquito on human skin

"Sterile" insects revert back to being fertile, resulting in resistant GM populations persisting in the environment. Report by Third World Network

WHO Press Conference

While further investigation of a lab leak is rejected, frozen foods are in the frame! Report: Jonathan Matthews

Protest in Paris about Monstanto's Agent Orange poisoning

Could Bayer/Monsanto finally be forced to acknowledge responsibility for the millions of victims of Agent Orange? Jonathan Matthews reports

UK government push for deregulation of gene editing sets alarm bells ringing

Vilsack approved more new GMOs than any Agriculture Secretary before him or since

Point mutations turning food into a sedative? Report by Testbiotech

GMO No-Entry sign and have your say post-it

Advice to the public is now live

Devang Mehta GMO hype cycle

Lack of critical assessment can delay innovation, jeopardise public trust, and waste resources, especially in the Global South, say scientists. Report: Claire Robinson

Japan genome editing protest

Tomato is designed to have biological effects on consumers – but there's no safety data or GMO labelling