Ethics of genome editing report BIAS

Report is scientifically inaccurate and skewed by anti-regulatory agenda. Report: Claire Robinson and Jonathan Matthews

Green light for new GMOs

Commission allows companies that stand to profit from the weakening of GMO safety rules to help rewrite them

Why the Wuhan lab-leak theory shouldn't be dismissed

By relinquishing the state's reserve powers to say 'no' to a GM crop on marketing grounds, minister delivers control to central government

Pesticides will broadcast "gene silencing" agents across our farm fields — resulting in an open-air genetic engineering experiment

The Monsanto Papers by Gillam

Carey Gillam's new book is out

Farming risks are incompatible with refuge purposes

Transparency under a magnifying glass

"It's important for people to know that these gene edited plants are going into the market" – Prof Jennifer Kuzma

DNA molecules exploding

Much of the damage would have been missed by analyses conducted till now. Report: Claire Robinson

Plan could set a dangerous precedent

“FDA has no intention of abdicating our public health mandate” – Stephen M. Hahn, MD, former FDA commissioner

Cloning industry is marred by an appalling series of failures and cruelty

STEPS Centre briefing gene editing

Issues should form the basis of a real debate

Gene editing brochure

Green MEPs Benoît Biteau and Martin Häusling argue that new GM technology won’t solve the problems of industrial agriculture and will undermine nature, climate protection and the European Green Deal

What you need to do by 17 March

Glyphosate, glufosinate and dicamba found to drive antibiotic resistance evolution in agricultural soil

Response to UK Government consultation on Genetic Technologies

Government should get acquainted with the science

Presidential decree comes despite intense pressure from industry, US authorities

Move is triggered by damage from dicamba pesticide sprayed on GM dicamba-tolerant crops

Update from the Center for Food Safety

Effects could still be identified after ten generations

Sprayed glyphosate and Covid vaccine

Authors arguing for deregulation of GM crops and foods fail to mention that vaccines are tightly regulated – scientist

EU Parliament again votes against further market approvals of genetically engineered plants

DNA Research

Approach will help avoid trade disruptions

African food systems are the "new oil", UN documents say

Campaign group Beyond GM says the consultation comes across as “biased and lacking in thought and planning”

Quick guide for busy people

Internal Market Bill’s “non-discrimination clause” means Holyrood, the Senedd, and Stormont will be powerless to bar gene-edited goods produced in England from being sold within their borders

Focus on agro-business rather than ecology has split groups invited to planned UN conference on hunger

European Food Safety Authority presents new report