“We don’t want this toxic weedkiller sprayed in our community" – Guerrilla Gardeners

Urine Sample and magnifying glass

First step taken towards determining intake and body burden of overlooked toxic compounds

Transparency, regulatory approval, and traceability must apply to all GMOs, including products of newer methods such as gene editing

Environment Agency pension funds are invested in companies that make pesticides banned in the UK and Europe due to the harm they cause to bee populations

Two Roundup containers

Scientific paper concludes that glyphosate-based herbicides such as Roundup harm human and animal health, soils, and biodiversity. Report: Claire Robinson

Terms such as “like nature”, “precise”, and “no foreign genes” are being wrongly applied to new GM techniques

Genetically engineered American chestnut is Trojan horse meant to open the doors to commercial GE trees designed for industrial plantations

Dead Bee

Results demolish claims of decrease in the environmental impacts of pesticide use

Pressure on Mexico to reverse its intended ban on glyphosate and phaseout of genetically engineered corn has been coming from the US

Open letter organisations

New GM techniques can cause unwanted genetic errors that can result in the production of novel toxins or allergens, warn civil society and farmer groups

The EPA approved Oxitec’s mosquitoes for release this spring. Some scientists and locals want to halt the deployment

A successful introduction in the US will set the stage for commercial cultivation and imports in other countries

“I’m challenging this because it’s an abomination to the tort system": Attorney Gerson Smoger

Hammer Smashing Camelina

New study points to unintended effects of gene editing in plants and potential negative effects on ecosystems

High-tech/data conglomerates have joined agribusiness giants in a quest to impose a certain type of agriculture and food production on the world

Woman checking food labelling

86% want GM foods labelled, while 68% of those who've heard of new GM techniques such as CRISPR want labelling for foods produced with them

The EPA approved Oxitec’s mosquitoes for release this spring. Some scientists and locals want to halt the deployment

74% of the input into the EU Commission's forthcoming study on new GM comes from agri-industry bodies

New groundbreaking pilot study

Sunday Times Gene Editing Promotional

Widely debunked claims on GMOs reappear in attempt to fool the public

Crop spayer

State-of-the-art tests show damage from mixtures of pesticides, when each is present at a level regulators claim is safe

Bill Gates

Aim is to derail EU rules on GMOs

DNA structure exploding

Findings in human embryos are relevant to plants and farm animals. Report: Claire Robinson

Company will not pursue further appeal of the verdict won by a school groundskeeper after a state appeals court reduced it to $20.5 million

Health Canada has launched a public consultation on its proposal to remove government regulation of some genetically engineered (genetically modified or GM) foods.

White Fly

Adverse environmental effects in insecticidal Bt plant cultivation

No matter where one looks in global agriculture, food prices are low because products are in surplus

Dodgy Gene Edited Tomato

Developer opts for deliberate contamination as commercialisation strategy

Tractor spraying soybean field with pesticides

Scientists look forward to crops that can be sprayed with multiple herbicides and evade risk assessment

Survey results show Westminster government has no public mandate to deregulate gene editing