Delayed product launches and poor farmer take-up contradict company's business model that claims "a speedy development cycle using novel gene-editing technologies"

Cargill, Bunge and Cofco bought soybeans from companies allegedly supplied by a farmer fined for rainforest deforestation

Private member's bill to ban the use of glyphosate in Canada was tabled last month

Pregant Woman

Odds of preterm birth were significantly elevated in women with higher urinary concentrations of glyphosate and AMPA

Multidrug resistant bacteria inside a biofilm

Three herbicides used on GM herbicide-tolerant crops – glyphosate, glufosinate, and dicamba — increase prevalence of antibiotic resistance genes in soil

sprayed glyphosate from a tractor

World-beating levels of glyphosate in soils explode claims that GMO farming with herbicides is sustainable

Report published yesterday overlooks important risks

A battle for the future of food is already underway. There’s still time to change the outcome

Commission wants to trash precautionary principle

"Once you remove the emotive language about science, what you have is a simple attempt at the regulatory theft of a public resource by a very well-resourced private industry" – farmer

Researcher with GMO plants

New report fails to follow European Court of Justice ruling, in a win for the biotech industry that spells bad news for farming, the environment and the public

A federal appeals court rejected the company’s argument that federal regulatory backing of the company’s herbicides preempts claims made by cancer patient Edwin Hardeman

Cattle and mountains

by Doug Gurian-Sherman, PhD

Set of watercolor beetles

Chemical poses serious threat to our ecosystems, new study shows. Report: Claire Robinson

ENSSER critique of Leopoldina statement

Scientists slam promotion of gene editing as lacking objectivity and balance

Thesis strengthens the case for a lab origin of the pandemic


Damaged DNA and crop spraying with pesticide

Bombshell finding could end EU authorization of glyphosate. Report: Claire Robinson

Civil society coalition raises alarm over safety and transparency

Risks of Parkinsons Disease

US must ban toxic weedkiller, writes Jonathan Sharp, Director of Claims of the Environmental Litigation Group, P.C.

Fall Armyworm adult face

China and the United States have found common cause in exerting influence at the UN’s Food and Agriculture Organization. Global food production could be permanently changed. By Allan Hruska [EXCERPT ONLY]

In confidential settlement Bayer insists plaintiff keep fighting through the court, or face a $100,000 penalty, so they can defeat him and win a case on appeal

Public web event today from the European Parliament

"EU must stop wasting time trying to find loopholes to allow these new GMOs onto our fields and plates" – Mute Schimpf, Friends of the Earth Europe

Honey Bee

Court rejected Bayer’s final bid to overturn the ban and undermine the EU’s precautionary principle

Sales development of Non-GMO

Non-GMO industry association demands ongoing transparency and labelling for new GM products

Mexican President issued decree last year that seeks to ban the herbicide by 2024

Crop spraying of herbicides and pesticides

DowDupont (Corteva) maize is tolerant to herbicides and produces insecticides


Marker assisted selection speeds up the breeding process

Sorghum field

Zen Honeycutt explains why plans to grow GM carbon-sequestering plants are a dangerous distraction