Citizens' concerns and already-proven farming solutions to climate change are dismissed

Need for a case-specific risk assessment of plants obtained from new genetic engineering

The EU wants to crank up soy production in eastern Europe. But with illegal genetically modified crops rife, who will benefit?

Matilde farmer holds potato tubers

Leading ag journalist hails plant breeding breakthrough, saying it "flies in the face" of Monsanto. Report: Jonathan Matthews and Claire Robinson

Owen Paterson and Mark Lynas EcoMod Tweet

Owen Paterson’s former bedfellows take cover as he quits the House of Commons. Report: Jonathan Matthews

Canola rapeseed field

High risk potential requires case-by-case analysis

Chromosome Deleted

Study reveals yet another catastrophic unintended effect of gene editing. Report: Claire Robinson

Says Daszak's EcoHealth Alliance violated reporting requirements

Wheat Ears, Deadly Poison sign, Man in Gasmask

Warnings and rejections of an unprecedented global experiment

News comes in the wake of a company seeking field trials for Bt cotton and maize in Karnataka, a proposal that has already seen much opposition

Shipments of the new variety developed in Argentina are unlikely anytime soon due to opposition from Brazilian millers and global consumers

Last chance to have your say – quick and easy action

Fuera Monsanto street march/demo

Argentina’s rural communities are being devastated by the GMO/toxic model of agriculture, writes Jonathan Matthews

Editing the truth - genome editing is not the solution to climate change

Take quick and easy action – your food future depends on it!

Mediterranean diet

Consuming Mediterranean diet made from conventional food results in 10 times higher total pesticide intake than Mediterranean diet made from organic food

 – and other Latin America news

Error Button CRISPR gene editing

Large structural changes were detected at on-target and off-target sites of the genome; researchers call for better screening for unintended effects

 Cotton bullworm feeding

New analysis shows why hyped-up forecasts of a GMO’s potential don’t match the reality in the field – and suggests that new GM crops for Africa will also fail. Report: Claire Robinson

Biden and UAE set "Net Zero trap" at COP26 with "AIM for Climate" launch

If you're in the UK or EU there's no way to find out what’s being sprayed in the fields near your house or local school. Scientists say this must change

young farmer spraying green cabbage heads with pestisides

Researchers weigh in. By Miguel Leyva, case manager at Atraxia Law

The vast majority of 6,440 submissions to the consultation on gene editing deregulation said NO to the proposals – but Defra is going ahead regardless

Researchers suggest prohibiting selling and planting Vip3Aa corn in the cotton-growing regions of the US to try to save cotton crops

Fraud Alert

Only two out of 38 glyphosate genotoxicity studies submitted by industry were found reliable

France voted against glyphosate's renewal in 2017 out of concerns for human health – but has now issued a report concluding it's safe

Boris Johnson

Pro-deregulation lobby is disappointed by lack of action on GMO commercialisation. Report: Claire Robinson and Jonathan Matthews

Covid-19 Origins author Paolo Barnard

Review and interviews with the authors by Claire Robinson

Millers in Brazil do not want genetically modified wheat


Researchers pocket $500,000 of taxpayer money to turn edible plants into mRNA vaccine factories. Report: Claire Robinson

Opportunity for the public to comment