Prashant Bhushan, public interest lawyer in the Supreme Court of India, issued legal notice to minister for environment, forest and climate change

DNA Strand

As an expert report uses the spectre of “non-uniqueness” as a reason not to regulate new GMOs, GMWatch is not convinced

As the disease arrives in the US, pesticides including glyphosate herbicides are among the factors in the frame

anti-GMO protest Venezuela

With Juan Guaidó’s parallel government attempting to take power with the backing of the US, the top political donors of those in the US most fervently pushing regime change in Venezuela have close ties to Monsanto and major financial stakes in Bayer. Report by Whitney Webb,

A Midwest restaurant is buying gene-edited Calyno High Oleic Soybean Oil from Calyxt

boy with autism

Use of 11 pesticides (including glyphosate) within 2,000 meters of a family’s home during developmental periods correlated with increased risk of autism. Report by Rachel Benbrook

Danish Ethics Report GMO Conflict of Interest

Council was advised – and misled – by scientists whose links to the GMO industry were not disclosed to the public


Brian Dowd Uribe, Twitter

Expert debunks GMO hype by Cornell Alliance for Science, Genetic Literacy Project

Environment and climate change are chief concerns

Corporate intelligence group reported that the White House could be counted on to defend the company’s Roundup herbicides