CEO defends the healthfulness and sustainability of GMO soy with claims that don't stack up

Bayer said the lists covered politicians, journalists and others across seven European countries and in Brussels

Gene Drive Inheritance

The emerging technology is currently "not fit for application" due to uncertainties, serious risks, and limitations

UCS president Ken Kimmell dodges questions and provides no answers about funding, apparently from the Packard Foundation

“We’re not suing them for the fact that their product causes cancer. We’re suing them because they didn’t tell people that it causes cancer”

Over 2000 people march against Bayer and Syngenta in Basel, Switzerland

"Transition to sustainable agriculture is more urgent than ever"

"Monsanto wants a report; EPA brings it" – lawyer in Roundup cancer litigation highlights regulatory capture by industry

University of California President Janet Napolitano has halted the use of glyphosate on all ten of its campuses, which serve over 200,000 students

European Commission building with flags

Health officials protected use of 32 dangerous pesticides

The findings, coupled with prior animal studies, suggest a link between glyphosate in our food supply and nonalcoholic fatty liver disease