FOIA US-RTK Ken Kimmell

Open letter of concern to Kenneth Kimmell, UCS President

Corn borer

Farmers in Nova Scotia have found that the European corn borer has developed resistance to the GM trait designed to kill it

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Wheat was only grown in GMO trials and Monsanto shelved it in 2004 amid market rejection concerns

First rewrite of USDA’s biotechnology rules set in 1987

Timothy A. Wise's surreal encounter with Monsanto in Mexico

At least 38 California cities and counties have now adopted bans on synthetic pesticides

Expensive GM ricefor the poor

Rapid degradation of beta-carotene in the rice during storage and cooking means it's not a solution to vitamin A deficiency in the developing world. Report: Claire Robinson

GMO advocates say Renan wheat is a GMO according to the EU definition – but an investigation by a French NGO shows they are lying

The GMO-containing burger's future in New York is as murky — and scarce — as its present