NOTE: On Wednesday 21st anti-GMO campaigners in France stuck hundreds of posters on newsagents' billboards across Brittany under the headings of the papers Ouest-France and Le Telegramme: "Brittany imports 3,000,000 tonnes of GM soya a year - did you know?", "Calfs, cows, and pigs force-fed with GMOs", "Jobs: wanted human guinea pigs", "Who will have the first GM cancer?", and "...Move along, there's everything to see". Photo:

Then on Friday 23rd, around a hundred protesters took action against the GM soy coming through the Brittany port of Lorient, mounting to the top of a silo to pour castor oil onto the GM soybeans to make them unusable. YouTube video of the protest:
French protesters destroy imported GM soya
Radio France Internationale, 23 November 2012

A group of environmental activists destroyed a cargo of genetically modified soya in the French port of Lorient on Friday, hoping to highlight the presence of GM products in the food chain.

About 100 protesters climbed to the tip of a silo and poured ricin oil over the soya on Friday morning so as to render it unusable.

The grain was destined to be used as animal feed, they said, and they wanted to alert the public that GM products were present in meat, despite France’s restrictions on their cultivation.

The campaigners are demanding an end to GM soya imports, which come mainly from Latin America, labelling of transgenic products [foods produced using GM animal feed], and a revival of grain cultivation in Europe.