1.Bolivia enacts Law of Mother Earth and GMO ban
2.San Juan County goes GMO free

NOTE: Interesting to see that San Juan County in Washington State has banned the cultivation of GM crops with just over 60% of the initial ballot (item 2). That's more or less the number of voters the polls showed were in support of Prop 37 in California before Monsanto and co's big advertising blitz! The success in San Juan County is being descibed as "overwhelming" and "a sweeping triumph."
1.Bolivia enacts Law of Mother Earth and GMO ban
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President Evo Morales enacted the Law of Mother Earth and Integral Development to Live Well. Morales issued the Law of Mother Earth in an emotional ceremony at the Palacio Quemado.

The Law of Mother Earth and Integral Development to Live Well promulgated by President Evo Morales provides for the elimination of the concentration of landownership or landlordism and other components in the hands of landowners and companies, and prohibits the introduction, production, use, and release of genetically modified seeds in the country.

The most outstanding new rule also created the Public Defender System, Climate Justice Fund, which provides that public lands should be distributed to mostly women and indigenous peoples, and orders regulating foreign ownership and control of the property, access and use of the components of Mother Earth.
2.Looks like its GMO-Free for you and me
Islands Weekly, November 6 2012

It's a sweeping triumph for the Initiative Measure 2012-4 with an initial tally of 5,183 votes.

The measure, proposed by organic farmers and others in San Juan County, makes it unlawful to propagate or grow plants or animals in San Juan County which have been genetically modified and provides for penalties and destruction of such organisms.

The measure gained an overwhelming 60.89 percent of the initial ballot tally versus 39.11 percent against.

In response to passage of the initiative organic grower and chicken rancher Marta Nielson from Orcas Island said, "I'm proud to live in a county that could see the immense benefit of passing this forward-thinking initiative.

Larry Soll, a molecular biologist from San Juan Island, was disappointed but not surprised the initiative passed.  He said, "The practical effect on San Juan Island is not large because the few plants that have been genetically modified are unlikely to be planted here. I think this is a misdirected initiative."

As of this time 8,355 ballots have been counted.

Stay tuned for the final ballots counted Nov. 9 at 5 p.m.