NOTE: In 2008 there were headlines around the world generated by the John Innes Centre and its claims of having created the ultimate healthy superfood – a purple GM tomato that had significant levels of anthocyanins.

"Purple tomato can beat cancer" was the front-page headline in one UK newspaper, which also told its readers that the purple tomato could keep you slim, ward off diabetes and safeguard your eyesight! 

This despite the fact that the exact role of antioxidants like anthocyanins in disease-prevention is still a matter of debate, and that high levels of anthocyanins already occur naturally in a whole range of common fruit and vegetables!

But if anyone really believes that only an anthocyanin-rich purple tomato can save them from cancer and other diseases, researchers in Brazil have now produced a non-GM variety.  
Purple Tomatoes May Fight Cancer, Other Diseases
CBS, December 3 2011

Sao Paolo, Brazil – Researchers in Brazil recently developed a new non-genetically modified purple tomato which may help prevent certain diseases.

Three scientific researchers from the University of Sao Paulo successfully cultivated the purple tomato, high in anthocyanin, after ten years of research. The new breed is a hybrid between the common tomato, Chilean tomato, and a wild tomato in Galapagos Islands. According to researchers this purple tomato is richer in nutrient compared to the common tomato.

"The purple tomato is characterized for its rich anthocyanin, which turns the red color into purple. Compared with the common tomato, this new kind also contains more vitamin C," said Peres, professor of University of Sao Paulo.

According to researches the oxidant is also helpful in preventing certain diseases such as cancer, heart attacks and degenerative diseases. The research team believes that long-term consumption of these new tomatoes could help reduce chronic diseases.

A Brazilian company has already started experimenting on producing these purple tomatoes for the mass market.