Take action! Take action! Take action!

*USA: What's in your food? Join the Union of Concerned Scientists in telling the FDA to label GM foods!

*USA: Get active on GM labeling in California
Over 90% of Americans want the choice NOT to buy GM foods. The initiative for the CA 2012 Ballot has been filed. Get in support! Great site!

*Europe! Take action to keep Frankenfish out of the food supply! 

*Australia! Last chance to get GM *fully* labelled!

*Turkey! Sign the petition to stop 10 GM corn varieties being imported (in Turkish, but just name & email needed) 

*India! Contact your MP and stop the BRAI bill now!
Here's an update about the Biotechnology Regulatory Authority of India (BRAI) bill which was supposed to come up in Parliament yesterday:

Thanks to the huge uproar on various issues in the Parliament yesterday, the bill did not get tabled. 
*This gives us more time to make a difference. 
*The bill is one of the controversial issues set to be raised in Parliament. 
*There have been massive protests against this bill across the country. 
*Though the bill did not come up yesterday, four Members of Parliament (MPs) have already submitted their opposition to the BRAI bill in Parliament. 
*The bill might come up any time so we must keep the pressure up and get more MPs to oppose BRAI. 

A lot of controversial issues are set to come up in this session of Parliament. This improves our chances of stopping this bill. Our food can be saved from genetic modification.

The list of MPs is now updated with a lot of new additions. So start mailing and calling them now.