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Breaking: BASF trying to plant GMO potatoes in northern sweden - several police cars there, 7 activists arrested, others in pursuit

BASF trying to plant GMO potatoes in Sweden with police support. Show your solidarity with the potests! Pls RT

More email addresses to use - URGENT: please help Bolivia to be GMO Free

RT @C_G_S New GeneWatch Issue: Bioengineering Animals

RT @gardelou: Let Terry Redman know he can't get away with selling off Western Australia's agriculture to Monsanto

Frank N. Spin: This call for support from civil society in Bolivia is outrageous!!! Should leave the GMO lobbying to MNCs & agribiz:)

GM toxic soy is not 'responsible'

RT @freshthemovie: Sign now to tell FDA we want GMO labeling! v

RT @BeeStrawbridge: Bolivia about to pass law legalizing GMO crops - contradiction of their recent Law of Mother Earth

Living Peru: 10 year ban on GMOs in Peru - English text

RT @moodindi: It's official: Monsanto Roundup herbicide causes birth defects

International conference on Modern Biotech: Sustainable innovation and regulatory needs, Penang, Oct 31- Nov 3

RT @gmfreeireland: Roundup and birth defects: Read the report on the cover-up:

Lost in the din: Baba Ramdev's plan to save Indian agriculture

URGENT: help keep Bolivia GMO free! URGENTE: Por una Bolivia Libre de Transgénicos

Roundup Birth Defects: Regulators Knew World's Best-Selling Herbicide Causes Problems, New Report Finds

RT @TrueFoodAust: Massive Unregulated Experiment - South Africans are 1st people in world to consume GMOs as staple food

Help us stop the #GMO potato - neat little video (in English) - please stick link on your facebook pages!

PR_Genius: Endorsement of EPA troubling

RT @Seed_Alliance: Public Research, Not GMOs, is Key to World Food Supplies

RT @AlisterScottUK: Risky advice and immeasurable uncertainties - now on Al Jazeera English”¦

Belgian researcher sacked, others threatened over GMO potato protest Sign the petition

Toxin study increases concerns over GMO animal feed Stop stealth GMOs!

RT @OrganicConsumer: California Ballot Initiative to Label GMOs: What You Can Do NOW

Monsanto director says organic industry's problems with GMOs are its own fault - "And you want us to help fix it?"

Patrick Moore: a GMO promoter who works for some of the worst companies on the planet

Industry knew of Roundup link with birth defects from the 1980s

We demand the immediate and unconditional reinstatement of sacked researcher!

"We appeal to academics worldwide to resist this dismissal and to sign this open letter"

RT @gpph: Experimental GM crops are a public risk and field trials must be halted #

RT @SlowFoodUSA: Wonder why Monsanto & Cargill would be at Iraq business roundtable hosted by the State Department