News and comment roundup based on GMWatch on Twitter:

# Monsanto demands climate subsidies for GM soy! Vote against Monsanto and its false climate solutions

#Overlooked in much coverage of China's GMO rice approval: commercialization only after trials and **public acceptance**

# Barroso to establish new Super EU Commissioner for biotech (EU Commission President strongly pro-GM)

# What were they thinking? Interesting analysis of GMO sugar beet case by a GM farmer and trial attorney who expresses amazement at way USDA and Monsanto conducted themselves

# GM weeds spread from containment glasshouse in New Zealand

# France defines GMO-free labeling threshold NB new labels *in addition* to existing mandatory GMO labeling

# Soon we'll be eating GM cottonseed Yum!    

# Agriculture & Climate Change, Real Problems & False Solutions

# Share price under pressure? Monsanto promises "biggest biotech launch ever" with SmartStax in 2010

# Stacked Insurance Federal Crop Insurance cuts your premiums when you plant Monsanto's latest GMOs

# Yum! Yum! Scientists grow pork in a lab Pig cells incubated in blood products of animal foetuses

# Interesting background: The Buzz about GM Rice in China

# Producing more. Conserving more. Improving farmers' lives. That's sustainable ag. And that's what Monsanto is all about (Monsanto ad) (pdf)

# Important Recent Research, Briefings, Reports on GM crops

# Call on Dow: Take action to address legacy of Bhopal NOW

# "Modern science 'applied' by ignorant arrogance resembles too closely loaded pistol in hands of a monkey" - Wendell Berry

# Agribiz won't help Africa While Gates throws $$ at Africa, farmers in California line up for food handouts

# New York Times on ludicrous agribiz study that says you can sell consumers GMO apples if you hide the fact they're GMO!
#Monsanto and Dow's denials re Agent Orange "fly in the face of scientific consensus"
# Climate-friendly organic ag Excellent piece from Third World Resurgence

# Obama's revolving door and agri-chem giants

# Captains of industry write EU's script (Ever wondered why the EU Commission, unlike EU citizens, is so pro-GM?)

# GM DNA from GM feed survives in meat & milk of animals fed GM maize & soya, 3 studies show