NOTE: Many thanks to Elisabeth Winkler, former editor of the magazine Living Earth, for this news from Italy. It shows yet again that opposition to GM is still growing in Europe - up a further 5.2% in Italy to 72%.
GM-FOOD: 3 Italians Out of 4 Don't Want It

There is ongoing debate in almost every country in the EU on GM food. These are some recent findings about Italian consumers.

Almost three out of every four Italians (72%) have an opinion on the subject: they feel that food containing genetically modified organisms is less healthy than traditional food. Therefore it is necessary to defend the 'Made in Italy' production label from contamination risks, starting from seeds. 

This is the view of Coldiretti, based on a statistical inquiry and consultation procedure by the EU, on a report into coexistence between GM and traditional or organic crops. The EU is expected soon to announce a legal limit on the presence of GM in food, and a guide to labelling. 

Notwithstanding the economic crisis, the great majority of citizens do not believe that genetically modified food is a positive solution. On the contrary, says Coldiretti, opposition amongst Italians is growing (up 5.2%). 

GM crops all over the world have not resolved famine, but they have aggravated the economic dependence of many developing countries on foreign countries. According to Coldiretti, Italy has also good reason to respect the precautionary principles of consumers who show a strong opposition to GM, and food safety and quality must be the primary concern.