The great GM miracle?

The following programme is due to be broadcast tonight (Thursday 17th Jan) on BBC Radio 4 and repeated tomorrow.

It's known to feature Lord Taverne and, we understand, biotech industry spokesperson Julian Little, amongst others. Taverne charges critics of GM with crimes against humanity.

GM Watch editor, Jonathan Matthews, was among those interviewed for the programme, which should also be available online via the BBC website's 'listen again' facility from around the time it's first broadcast.

For more information about the programme (from the BBC website) see below.

To listen online you will need to go to


There will also be a follow up item on BBC Radio 4's Farming Today programme tomorrow morning (Friday 18th) at 0630.


The great GM miracle?

Costing the Earth: BBC Radio 4
21:00-21:30, Thursday, 17 January 2008
15:00-15:30, Friday, 18 Jan 2008

In this week's Costing The Earth Tom Heap investigates whether Genetically Modified crops are the answer to feeding the Worlds starving?

Since GM food first hit the headlines they have been a controversial topic of debate. By labelling them 'Frankenfoods' the anti-GM lobby launched one of the most successful consumer campaigns ever. The British public turned their back on food that previously they had eaten without question. There was no such problem across the pond where GM foods are part of the staple diet. An estimated two trillion GM meals have been eaten to date. Despite this the EC continues to regulate GM foods with an iron fist. 'It's a crime against humanity'; that's how one peer of the realm, Lord Taverne, describes the attitudes of groups opposed to GM food. Food he believes could go a long way to feeding the worlds hungry and starving. Strong words, but does the evidence back this up?

Tom Heap investigates.