COMMENT from Dr Brian John: We have recently listed ten top papers relating to health and safety issues around GM crops and foods. On the [GM-free Cymru] site we have pasted citations, abstracts and comments relating to the findings in each case. Some of this information is new -- but some of the papers are already referred to in Jeffrey Smith's books and in other publications.

We hope this will be a valuable resource for anybody wishing to communicate their concerns to politicians or anybody else. The evidence of tissue and cell damage to the internal organs of animals fed on GM materials (even in very short feeding trials) is consistent, and is piling up.

It shows that Arpad Pusztai was right to call attention to this phenomenon in 1998, and it confirms his results. The health damage is not associated with strange GM creations contained within a laboratory, but with GM varieties that have already been through the approvals process.

There is something inherently dangerous about ALL of the GM varieties on the market, and the regulators are now into the territory of criminal negligence when they consistently turn a blind eye to this "evidence of harm" in the peer-reviewed literature.
Pivotal Papers

CRUCIAL PAPER 1: GM maize reduces fertility in mice

CRUCIAL PAPER 2: GM Maize Disturbs Immune System of Young and Old Mice

CRUCIAL PAPER 3: Rats fed with MON810 corn suffered kidney and liver damage

CRUCIAL PAPER 4: GM soy reduces metabolic rate, speeds up ageing process

CRUCIAL PAPER 5: Roundup residues interfere with multiple metabolic pathways

CRUCIAL PAPER 6: Lambs fed on Bt176 maize had pancreas and liver damage

CRUCIAL PAPER 7: Rabbits fed on GM soy had changes to heart and kidney

CRUCIAL PAPER 8: Testes changes identified in mice fed on GM soy

CRUCIAL PAPER 9: Transgenic plant DNA found in animal tissues (pigs)

CRUCIAL PAPER 10: Transgenic plant DNA found in animal tissues (sheep and pigs)