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Delegates around the world are arriving in Brussels ahead of the 2nd International Non-GMO Soy Summit, which starts tomorrow with a welcome reception. The function will mark the official launch of the event and enable participants to define and debate issues, which will feed into the discussions of the following two days.

Non-GMO soy availability, challenges related to climate change, destruction of rain forests and other sensitive ecosystems, food and fuel security and escalating food prices constitute the main agenda headlines of the 2nd International Non-GMO Soy Summit that takes place at the Marriott Hotel in Brussels on 7-9 October 2008.

The event hosts a stellar line up of prominent Government officials along with industry leaders from all over the world, to address challenges both suppliers and users of soy derivatives face in the current marketplace.

Lucas Meyer, the Chairman of Lucas Meyer Service GmbH will inaugurate the Summit and Pascale Loget, the Vice President of the Regional Council of Brittany of the EU
Committee of the Regions, will deliver the keynote speech.

Dr Josef Stockinger, the Minister of Agriculture of the Land of Upper-Austria and
also Vice President of the GM Free Regions Network, will address the audience about
'The Role of the Non-GMO/GMO-Free Claim in Preserving Sustainable, Quality Agricultural Production in Europe', while Qingdong Liu, the Principal Organic and Non-GM Agriculture Specialist from the Comprehensive Agriculture Development Office of the Chinese Ministry of Finance, will present a case study on a 'Chinese Processor's Perspective'.

Stiofán Nutty, Special Advisor to Trevor Sargent, the Minister for Food and Horticulture of Ireland, will chair the industry roundtable on 'Supplier and Buyer
Needs to Assure Steady Supplies of Non-GMO, Sustainable, Responsible Soy for the
European Food Market'.

Also taking stand at the Summit will be César Borges da Sousa, President of ABRANGE, the Brazilian Association of Non-GMO Grain Producers. An official supporter of the Summit, the organisation aims to become the world's premier supplier of GMO-free soy and to "grow non-transgenic soy for the EU as long as Europe wants to buy them" as Mr da Souza stated in the association's first press release.

Supported and sponsored by 15 different organisatons, the 2nd International Non-GMO Soy Summit is a not for profit event, with social responsibility and environmental sustainability at the centre of its manifesto.

"This event will serve as an important forum for advancing the principles of social
responsibility and environmental sustainability in the soy sector", commented Pascale Loget, Vice President of the Regional Council of Brittany of the European Union Committee of the Regions.

All profits from the Summit will be donated to a Third World community development project, nominated and voted for by the delegates and wider community via

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