New action by the 'volunteer reapers' against GM crops in the Vienne, France
15 August 2008

A hundred 'volunteer reapers', including José Bové, on Friday destroyed two fields of Monsanto Mon810 maize, a GM cereal crop which is currently forbidden
from being grown in France.

"The 'volunteer reapers' identified four fields of Mon810 in Vienne. Two were destroyed last week without a public protest and then we decided to destroy the two others publicly", José Bové informed Reuters.

A hundred activists came from many regions of France to attack a plot of 3000-4000 square metres close to the Civaux nuclear plant, South-East of Poitiers.

They then continued to the nearby area of Valdivienne, where they destroyed a field of 1500-2000 square metres, according to an activist.

"These were commercial trials by Monsanto based on Mon810 maize, with added herbicide [resistant] genes. Mon810 has been forbidden since February 2008 and Monsanto continues to want to force it through", said José Bové.

According to the 'volunteer reapers' the local police, who carry out regular patrols past these plots, did not intervene, contenting themselves with
recording registration numbers of cars and taking photos."

(translation from French by Marcus Williamson)