NOTE: Akiko Frid is collecting together good quality GMO films on YouTube. Akiko particularly recommends 'The Genetic Conspiracy' - a film made for German TV that's available in English.

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GMO films on YouTube

Akiko's list so far:

*The Genetic Conspiracy - about Monsanto
*Islands at Risk (Part 1) - Genetic Engineering in Hawai'i
*Terminator Technology-Canada
*GMO Rice in Kansas - Cable Channel 6
*You and your milk
*Fox News Kills Monsanto Milk Story
*The Store Wars - Organic food versus chemicals and GMOs
*Avoid Genetically Engineered foods films
*Is genetically engineered food hurting our children?
*gmo containment?
*The Future of Food
*Monsanto: Indian Farmer Suicide
*Patents by Monsanto
*gmo-Terminator Technology
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