Three million Italians sign anti-GM petition
Agence France-Presse, Nov 13 2007

ROME (AFP) - More than three million Italians have signed a petition against genetically modified organisms, organisers said Tuesday.

'We have reached our goal of three million signatures,' said Mario Capanna, a spokesman of the Italy/Europe GMO-Free coalition, bringing together 32 organisations of farmers, consumers and environmentalists.

The coalition claims a combined membership of nearly 11 million and includes Italy's largest farmers unions, main consumer groups, environmental organisations such as Greenpeace and the Worldwide Fund for Nature and COOP, a major chain of cooperative stores.

Organisers hope the government will impose an 'unlimited moratorium' on growing GMO produce.

So far, 14 of Italy's 20 regions have declared themselves GMO-free.

In launching the campaign, Capanna said: 'This isn't 'technophobia'. We want a strictly scientific approach, we want more research.'