This report looks like it may relate to the same company whose Bt cotton was previously hyped as not being prone to all the problems found with Monsanto's Bt cotton - see:

Farmers thrash seed company officials
Newindpress, India, 4 Jul 2005
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KHAMMAM - The honeymoon with the Bt cotton seems to be over in the district. Repeated failure of the Bt cotton to yield the desired results have driven the farmers to the edge and have placed the officials of the agriculture department in a quandary.

Enraged farmers in the district, furious with the BT cottonseeds failing to germinate vented their ire against the representatives of the seed company on Saturday. They stormed the agriculture department office and thrashed the representatives of the seed company.

They alleged that more than 50 percent of the 14,000 BT cotton packets distributed in the district failed to germinate. They were also peeved that company ditched them in spite of being recognised by the government.

Trouble began when hundreds of farmers from neighbouring villages gathered at the office of the joint director of agriculture in anticipation of the compensation package. The seed company officials declared that compensation would be paid even if 25 percent of the seeds fail to germinate.

The farmers entered into heated arguments with the company officials and even as the local representatives were explaining the situation to the company higher ups, the farmers began to manhandle them.

The police arrived and quelled the agitation.

MLA T Veerabhadram and other leaders were holding discussions with the officials of the agriculture department.