We've condensed a series of pages below so, even if you haven't got time to read all of this, it's worth skimming through to get a good picture of the planned action,its motivation, and how you can support it. Contact details at end.

EXCERPT: "Industrial genetic engineering tries to create irreversible facts.

Now is the time.

We will stir into action. Germany and Europe will remain GMO-free."

gmo-free weekend

"chuck out genetic muck"
first public action against commercial gmo
30th/31st July 2005
near Berlin
at Hohenstein (nature park Märkische Schweiz)
S-Bahn (S5) terminus Strausberg Nord
Travel information - below


Saturday, 30th July 2005
3pm: action-conference
7pm: discussion with panel
10pm: culture meets agriculture

Sunday, 31st July 2005
10am: Grant us our daily bread - but without GMOs
12am: Rally
2pm: Treading on Monsanto's corns


A great peril looms

Since the EU-moratorium on agricultural genetic engineering was abandoned, genetically modified organisms (GMOs) are being cultivated extensively in Germany for the first time.

By drifting pollen, genetically manipulated genotype spreads uncontrollably. It cannot be "taken back" and nobody is in a position to assess the consequences of genetically engineered agro-produce for people's health, nutrition and in nature.

Globally, GMO-companies put the safety of nutrition and the free choice of seeds at risk, thereby forcing farmers more and more into a relationship of dependency.

Scandalously, BT 10 corn, an unlicenced, illegal substance in Europe, has for instance been exported to Germany for years. This maize has an additional genetic resistance against an antibiotic which is also used in the treatment of humans! The Syngenta company, for its part, is in the meantime talking of "a harmless mix-up".

Even more brazen are the licence fee requests which GMO-companies try to level on farmers who cultivate their fields in the neighbourhood of genetically modified plants. By drifting pollen and wind-dispersion of mature grains during the harvest, neighbouring fields get contaminated. To add insult to injury, the contaminated farmer has to pay licence fees!

The experience in Canada, the USA, South America and Asia shows that even generous gaps between fields cannot prevent the insidious spreading of genetically modified organisms. Any co-existence of genetic engineering with traditional agriculture which has brought sustenance to humanity over the millenia is not possible.

Wherever GMO-crops are sown, the only principle of action left to us is to ward off this new peril. As responsible citizens we will stop this fatal development - with determination, peacefully and in public.

We will not rely on politics and industry who want to lull us to sleep with talk of compensation and acceptance of liability.

Neither do we want our animal-based food contaminated with GM feed.

We want to preserve regional delicacies together with forms of productions that are geographically specific and deeply rooted in our culture. They contribute to our identity and shape our European food culture. We want to preserve and defend this unique treasure.

We are taking action now.

Industrial genetic engineering tries to create irreversible facts.

Now is the time.

We will stir into action. Germany and Europe will remain GMO-free.

Travel information:

By train: you will arrive at one of the big main stations. Please change for S5 to Strausberg Nord (see local information desk).

By plane: from airport Tegel or airport Schönefeld with bus or train to Strausberg Nord

By car: motorway A 10 exit Hellersdorf/Strausberg

direction Strausberg, Buckow, Müncheberg.

Camping, bed and breakfast and catering available.

We take action now

Farmers, beekeepers, conservationists, cooks and housewives, adherents of different religions, people of the most varied political sympathies, of all professions and ages hereby declare themselves ready to show personal courage and to engage in nonviolent resistance to genetic agriculture.

We want to send out a clear message against the propaganda about the "benefits" of genetic engineering. We are safeguarding the food that sustains us and we will put an end to the cultivation of genetically manipulated plants.

We will - as far as place and time allow take part in non-violent resistance in the context of "Chuck out GM-muck, liberate the field!"


With our action "Chuck out genetic muck - liberate the field!", we will publicly ostracise agro-genetic engineering.

On Saturday, 30th July, for the participants from further away, we will be able to offer an action conference and a panel discussion with internationally well-known personalities plus a cultural programme for the evening. You will learn the exact details in the following weeks by e-mail, by letter, or by constant updates of our website.

We will organise carpools. Please put down your requests and offers on your registration form. Sleeping-bag accomodation is available. We would like to support the activities of the many responsible citizens who live locally and would like to ask them to contact us so that we can co-ordinate our actions.

We live on this one planet. In many developing countries, government and farmers are compelled to use genetically manipulated seeds by way of false promises or, more simply, through corruption in high places.

We are not alone in our resistance. In Africa, Asia, America and in many European countries tens of thousands of people have already seized the initiative. Across borders and continents, we are taking action together.

We are equally determined to take the fight through the courts however long it takes.

At the same time, our appeal is a criticism of the unrestrained, no-holdsbarred destructive globalisation which has now reached the very basis of our food supply, the seeds themselves.

Agro-genetic engineering endangers the survival of humanity. We intervene before irreversible damage is caused by genetic agro-business and by the politicians corrupted by the industry.

Our action will be a way of showing that citizens in Germany and in Europe do not want GM crops.

With our actions we want to send a clear signal:

GM crops have no chance in Germany.

Civil disobedience

Non-violence is an active, empowering principle which enables people to face up to injustice and dangers.

The destruction of somebody else's property is considered a criminal offense in Germany. It is part of the tradition of civil disobedience that the disobedient are ready to accept the consequences of their action.

As a matter of course we will compensate the farmers concerned for the crop failure causes by us. This is not about causing damage to individuals, this is about the protection of the ecosystem earth and about our health. It is not our motivation to destroy property. With this action, we set an example. This example could just as well be set in many other places. Our real concern is the development of a healthy and sustainable form of agriculture which assures food supplies for the world.

Nevertheless we can't rule out that charges re. damage to property will be brought, resulting in fines or criminal proceedings. Everybody who is taking part should be conscious of this. Nobody is going to be left fending for himself as a result of the costs of the actions. These costs will be borne in solidarity, also by people who themselves were not able to take part in the action.

With your declaration of intent you take responsibility and participate in the tearing out of the plants.

With your declaration of solidarity you support the volunteers in the field and voice your protest against agro-gentech in food and agriculture.

With your donation you make the preparations possible.

By distributing the flyer to friends and like-minded people, information about this action will reach people which we might not be able to reach by our own means. Please order as many flyers as you need. The declarations should be sent back to us immediately.

The action will take place, for the quorum of 250 alrady declared their participation. We invite our European no gmo friends to join in. Please support this action. It’s the first public restistance of its kind in germany.

What I can do:
Sign the declaration of intent.
Sign the declaration of solidarity
Help and support
Come to the rally

Please fill in the form on the last page and send it back to us.

By this the signatory declares her or his intention to liberate a field from genetic muck and to give public witness to this intention in advance of the action. And when the time has come, to be ready to peacefully liberate the field and to peacefully accept a clearing of the site by the police, as well as to be prepared for the event of an arrest or a fine/fixed penalty or criminal proceedings.

Should individuals be subject to fines or criminal proceedings, we will contest these proceedings together and use them as an occasion for further resistance against genetic engineering.

With those people who are expressing civil disobedience against agro-genetic engineering. The signatories are publicly backing the volunteers with their name and their financial contribution. If you declare you solidarity, you say NO to agro-genetic engineering.

For preparing the events, for informing the press and for possible public court proceedings financial means are needed. The more money comes in, the more effective the action will be, also in terms of the media.

In the case of court proceedings taking place, I declare myself ready to show my support with a fixed sum.

A great variety of tasks have to be carried out for this action for which I offer my help. and take family and friends along

Further samples are available for download from or can be ordered from us.

Flyers are also available in italian and french.

We will - as far as place and time allow take part in non-violent resistance in the context of "Chuck out GM-muck - liberate the field!" We declare our solidarity with the "volunteers of field liberation":

Anja Becker, Frankfurt/M., Biologin... [and many other signatories]


The action will be publicised in German and international newspapers well ahead of the event - together with a list of the signatories of declarations of intent and solidarity (name, place, profession). [see above]

This action depends on your financial support, too.

Declaration of Intent

I want to take part in non-violent acts of resistance within the voluntary framework of "Chuck out GM-muck - liberate the field!"

Declaration of Solidarity

"Chuck out genetic muck liberate the field!"

I support the action against agricultural genetic engineering and declare my solidarity with the volunteers who liberate the field.

II donate €

Help and support

I can give help in the following way:

I order fliers for distribution and encouragement

I order eco t-shirts with the imprinted logo of the

"Chuck out GM-muck" - action (solidarity fee: 25,- €)

The educational work on issues of GMO and agro-business is financially supported by: STOP GMO e.V.

A/c No. 200398 3400 , GLS BANK, Code 430 609 67

Purpose: "Gendreck-weg"

The financing of this campaign rests on three pillars:

Contributions by farmers and the trade, by foundations and by volunteers of field liberation with their many small donations.

Everybody is kindly requested to make a large or small donation to the above account.

If you really can't make a donation, don't feel excluded from participating in the action.

Gendreck weg
Postfach 41
D-72101 Rottenburg
Tel: 0049 (0) 170-1857424
Fax: 0049 (0) 7472-441532
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