Free Thailand's Papaya Activists!

In July of 2004, Greenpeace exposed illegal contamination of Thailand's papaya crop by Genetically Engineered seeds from an agricultural research station. Today, instead of prosecuting the scientists responsible for the crime, the Thai Department of Agriculture is persecuting two Greenpeace activists, threatening jail terms of up to five years.

Write to the Prime Minister of Thailand and ask that the government go after the real criminals, and set free Patwajee Srisuwan and Dr Jiragorn Gajaseni, who have protected Thailand's environment and agriculture from the spread of GMO contamination.

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The destruction of GE papaya field trials of the DOA's Khonkaen research station as well as in farms that were contaminated showed that Thailand cared very much for its reputation as the Kitchen of the World.

The GE papaya contamination case, however, is far from over.

When the investigation conducted by the Human Rights Committee confirmed the GE papaya contamination, there should have a been a recall of all papaya seeds sold by DOA's research station, destruction of all papaya plants suspected to be contaminated, the closure of all GE papaya field trails, and punishment of DOA officials who have perpetrated such widespread contamination.

Clearly, the DOA has violated the Quarantine Act and the cabinet ban on GMOs. All evidence suggests that the DOA's Khonkaen research station was the source of GE papaya contamination in Thailand.

The DOA, however, is left unpunished and is pursuing this legal case to prevent Greenpeace from further exposing its role in this scandal.

The DOA should withdraw this case against the Greenpeace activists and instead pursue legal action against government officials who have caused havoc in Thai papaya farms.