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German company chief 'scuffles with Father Christmases'

AUGSBURG, Germany, Dec 7 (AFP) - Environmental group Greenpeace has filed a legal complaint against the chief executive of a German dairy company, accusing him of attacking six of their protesters disguised as Father Christmases.

Prosecutors in this northern city announced on Tuesday they were considering charging Mueller-Milch chief executive Theo Mueller with causing bodily harm and damaging property after claims of a violent confrontation in the car park of the firm's factory on Monday.

Greenpeace spokeswoman Karmen Ulmen said the Father Christmases had been trying to hand out organic yoghurt to employees to protest Mueller-Milch's use of milk from cows fed with genetically modified maize.

Ulmen said Mueller and around 50 employees confronted the protesters who were "struck and beaten with fists and feet".

The prosecutor's office said Mueller was also suspected of tearing a press photographer's camera from his grip and smashing it on the ground.

The camera of another photographer was also said to have been destroyed, causing total damage of around 5,000 euros (6,700 dollars).

12/07/2004 17:12 GMT - AFP