1.Not even the yanks will grow it!
2.Europe blocks genetically modified sweetcorn
1.Good news below on EU rejection of GM sweet corn.
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However, GM crops which are produced for direct human consumption (e.g sweet corn, potatoes, sugar beet) instead of animal feed (like soya and maize) are generally not being grown even in the US when they get approval because food processors will not touch them
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If you can't market such products in the US, where can you market them?

The GM Emperor has no clothes!
2.Europe blocks genetically modified sweetcorn
Friends of the Earth Europe

Brussels (Belgium), November 10, 2003 -- Friends of the Earth Europe welcomed today's decision by European countries not to break the European Union's de facto moratorium on new Genetically Modified (GM) foods.

A European Union (EU) regulatory committee today failed to support a proposal by the EU's executive Commission to approve a controversial genetically modified sweet corn. Friends of the Earth described the decision as a "victory for common sense".

Friends of the Earth was critical of the European Commission for proposing that the GM sweet corn, which has been modified to produce its own insecticide, should be allowed into shops in Europe. In particular the environmental group was concerned that:

* The new European labelling and traceability regulations are not yet in place.

* The Commission proposal bypasses the new GM organisms approval process which is more thorough and transparent and includes compulsory post-approval monitoring of health effects.

* The Commission proposal avoids the new European Food Safety Authority that has to take into account not only the short and long-term effects, but also effects on future generations, probable cumulative toxic effects and the effect on health sensitive consumers.

Geert Ritsema of Friends of the Earth Europe said:

"European countries should be congratulated for not supporting this outrageous proposal from the Commission. This is a victory for common sense. Rather than trying to force these unwanted foods through out-dated laws the Commission should now make the biotech industry go through the more transparent and thorough approval process that will be applicable next year.

"Today's decision should be a wake-up call for the Commission to change its pro-GM policies. The Commission must now start to put the well-being of European citizens and their environment before the business interests of the US Government and the biotech industry."


Demonstrators from Friends of the Earth Europe, Europe's largest environmental network, were protesting outside the EU Council today with a giant "GM Monster" tomato. Photographs are available from Friends of the Earth Europe ( and photo agencies.


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