US denounced for conditional support for anti-AIDS programs
June 4, 2003

A non-governmental organization Tuesday denounced the United States for financing anti-AIDS programs in 50 countries on condition that they accept genetically engineered products from the United States.
Julio Sanchez, representative of the Mesoamerican Trade, said the US Congress' approval of legislation to support AIDS research in these countries on the condition was an offense to the consumers there.

"The US government has told these 50 countries, including Latin American countries, that it will no longer finance HIV-AIDS related programs unless they buy its genetically engineered products," Sanchez, who is here attending the 5th round of preparatory talks on the US-Central America Free Trade Agreement, told a press conference.
According to Sanchez, "the toughest issue for Central America will be the introduction of genetically modified corn seeds" because they will affect human health with cancer or leukemia as consequences.

He said there is a worldwide campaign to ban the genetically engineered products, since the United States filed charges against the European Union in the World Trade Organization to press the bloc to lift the ban on these products.

"Unfortunately, countries like Honduras and El Salvador are supporting the US on this issue in the WTO," added Sanchez.
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