Once again we see the US forcing a GM gun to the heads of the hungry just as they did in southern Africa even though non-GM food was available.
Sudan: Ban on GM Food Imports Will Hit Supplies for Refugees - US Official
- BBC, From: Al-Khartoum, Khartoum, June 4, 2003 (sent by Andrew Apel)

United States Agency for International Development has warned the government of the results of its decision to deny the entry of genetically modified products as aid for the needy in relief camps.

The US charge d'affaires, Mr Jeff Millington, said the decision will bring harm to around 97 per cent of children living in relief camps because of their need for these products. He pointing out that US ships were in Port Sudan carrying these products, waiting for the government to allow them to unload their cargoes.

In a press conference yesterday in which the representative of USAID, Roger Winter, participated, Millington said that should the government decide not to withdraw its decision, the USAID would take the shipments to Ethiopia. Millington said there were ongoing discussions between the US embassy and the government on lifting this decision to reject the entry of these products.

Meanwhile Roger Winter pointed out the improvement in humanitarian work in facilitating the movement of relief supplies to needy areas. He hoped that humanitarian requirements would increase in destitute areas after the signing of peace agreements, which was the wish of emigrants so that they might return to their regions. Winter said that USAID had began preparing for this stage after it was convinced that peace was coming.
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