GeneWatch Vol. 16, No. 1 is now available online.
It includes the article 'Biotech's Hall of Mirrors' by Jonathan Matthews

This pulls together several pieces of GM WATCH research on the biotech industry's covert operations, particularly as they affect the global South. It concludes, "The cynical antics of the biotech industry's lobbyists during the crisis in southern Africa are the ultimate manifestations of the shamelessness seen in their use of fake citizens, fake organisations, and even fake public protest. It's not just a question of using "fronts" for malicious corporate attacks, but of the exploitation of situations where it's important - on a life-or-death level - that we are able to discern the truth."

Two articles already available from the current issue of GeneWatch (Volume 16 Number 3) are Trans-Atlantic Food Fight by Phil Bereano and the centrepiece of the current issue which is an examination of DNA replication by Barry Commoner, Senior Scientist at the Center for the Biology of Natural Systems, Queens College, City University of New York.

"Genetic modification," Commoner writes, "is a process of very unnatural selection, a way to perversely reinvent the inharmonious arrangements that evolution has long ago discarded. The biotechnology industry has stood Darwin on his head." - Unraveling the Secret of Life