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a 136 page report entitled 'The Case for a GM-free Sustainable World' (PDF 469kb) GM-Free Sustainable World.pdf GM crops, do we need them? are they safe?
the ISP inaugural lectures by David Bellamy, Arpad Pusztai, Stanley Ewen, Vyvyan Howard, Brian John and Mae-Wan Ho available on video, cassette and cds

"New Report" on Genetically Modified Crops is Neither Independent Nor Scientific (US - the Averys/Hudson Institute)

GM experiment vandalised (UK)
Trespassers uproot John Innes pea plants

New South Wales state ban on GM planting (Australia)
SYDNEY - New South Wales has passed a bill imposing a three-year moratorium on the growing of genetically modified food crops.

Concern on GM foods 'increasing' (Australia)
PUBLIC concern about genetically modified (GM) foods and crops has increased, a survey has found.,5478,6616470%255E421,00.html