* U.S. policing of biotech crops denounced
WASHINGTON, DC, June 18, 2003 (ENS) - Government agencies are failing to monitor genetically engineered crops to protect the environment and public health, according to two separate studies released today.

*Goodbye Dolly again as PPL shelves drug plan (Guardian, UK) Dolly the sheep was effectively killed off as a commercial project yesterday after biotech firm PPL Therapeutics failed to convince partner Bayer that there was a viable future for it. PPL has shelved plans to develop a lung drug extracted from the milk of genetically-modified sheep. Up to 140 jobs will go at PPL research facilities in Scotland and New Zealand... Geoff Cook, PPL's chief executive, admitted that the future of the company was now up in the air.,3604,980383,00.html

*On Eve of USDA Sacramento Biotech Ministerial, African Voices Counter Bush Claims About GMOs and African Hunger Global Trade Watch

*Report Launch and Panel: Voices from the South The Third World Debunks Corporate Myths on Genetically Engineered Crops The battle over genetic engineering is being fought across the world, between those who champion farmers' rights to seeds, livelihood and land, and those who would privatize them. Food First, together with the Pesticide Action Network, has brought together a range of views from critics of GE food. For more information about this report, including excerpts, visit:

*Alternative Events in Sacramento

*Growing GM wheat in Canada " not an option " - Canadian Wheat Board

*Bohol declares self as GMO-free (ABS CBN News, Philippines) TAGBILARAN CITY - The provincial board of Bohol on Monday took a protectionist standpoint and declared the province as GMO-free. The ordinance, referred to as "The Safeguard against GMOs," penalizes a fine of P5,000 or one-year imprisonment or both for any violation. In his sponsorship speech on the resolution, assistant floor leader Tomas D. Abapo Jr. cited the pastoral letter issued by Bishops Leopoldo S. Tumulak and Christian Vincent Noel which said that the effects of genetic engineering on our environment are "certainly not" the will of God.

*GM decaf coffee grown on trees Although a safe Water Process which sieves out caffeine through a carbon filter exists, Japanese scientists have developed a GM low-caffeine coffee plant (70% less)