Talks Collapse on US Efforts to Open Europe to Biotech Food (New York Times) -
WASHINGTON, June 19 Talks between the United States and the European Union over opening up Europe to genetically modified foods broke down in Geneva today

US pursues challenge against European ban on bio-engineered foods

US takes battle over GM crops to Brazil (Financial Times)
Rebuffed in attempts to sell genetically modified products to Europe, the US government and the American biotech industry are focusing on Brazil. Washington this week is helping pay for a group of 20 Brazilian politicians, scientists and environmentalists to study the use of GM crops in the US and South Africa. The study trip includes dinner with executives of Monsanto, the US bio-technology giant. The study comes as Brazil's government drafts legislation that could determine the future of GM crops there.

Risks too great to use GM virus: scientist
The temperature in the GM debate is certain to rise even further over the next few months, when Australian scientific researchers lodge a formal request for permission to conduct field trials of a genetically modified virus. The modified herpes virus promises to make devastating mice plagues a thing of the past. If the trial goes ahead, it would be the first of its type in the world. But at least one scientist is publicly warning that the risks are too great to let this particular genie out of the bottle.

Plan aims to shield WA from GM crops impact
ABC Regional Online, Australia - The Western Australian Parliament has taken the first step towards protecting WA markets from the impact of any nationally approved commercial release of GM crops

Biotechnology company pulls plug on GE sheep
New Zealand Herald