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Bush Urges Europe Drop Resistance to Biotech Foods
Monday June 23, 2003
WASHINGTON (Reuters) - President Bush renewed his criticism of European nations on Monday for refusing to accept GM foods and said the ban was contributing to famine in Africa. "For the sake of a continent threatened by famine, I urge the European governments to end their opposition to biotechnology. We should encourage the spread of safe, effective biotechnology to win the fight against global hunger."

This is the man who at the G8 torpedoed President Chirac's proposal to ban the dumping of subsidised farm produce in African markets.,9321,969259,00.html
This is the man who controls the world's stingiest aid budget.,13365,967654,00.html
And the man whose aid promises are misleading.

BIO goes to Washington - hopes to lobby jurists, regulators... Bush was speaking to the Biotechnology Industry Organization (BIO), whose 10th annual conference began June 22 in Washington D.C.. BIO, accrding to this article, plans to capitalize on its conference location. Several panel discussion will be held on Capitol Hill. A number of legislators, administration officials and judges will participate on panels on topics ranging from ethics, to securing government funding for biodefense initiatives to stem cells and cloning. It's an opportunity for the industry to lobby the political leaders, network with the FDA and National Institute of Health and educate the jurists whose decision will determine the limits of intellectual property protection.

India Should Back Africa's TRIPs Proposals
The time has come to support the African proposals for prohibiting patents on all life forms as such patents are  contrary to moral and cultural norms of many societies. Article 27.3(b) should be revised to prohibit patents on plants, animals, micro-organisms. The WTO should adopt a  decision on traditional knowledge and set up a committee to oversee the  protection of traditional knowledge and genetic resources.

Genetics firm's fall a lesson
New Zealand Herald, Jun 23, 2003
The collapse of the company that cloned Dolly the sheep is a salutary lesson in the dangers of investing millions in poor science, Green Party co-leader Jeanette Fitzsimons said. Biotech firm PPL Therapeutics on Friday pulled the plug on its New Zealand venture in  genetically engineered (GE) sheep and all but one of its GE experiments worldwide.

Concerns over transgenic sheep, New Zealand,  Jun 23, 2003
A group opposed to genetic engineering wants assurances over the fate of a flock of genetically modified sheep. It is understood there could be about 2,500 transgenic sheep on PPL's farm near Whakamaru. But the lobby group GE Free New Zealand has raised concerns about how the company will dispose of the sheep if it decides to destroy them.,1227,200008-1-7,00.html

'Brutal' arrest of anti-globalisation hero sparks outrage
The Star, Africa
Police roused France's anti-globalisation hero from his bed at dawn and whisked him away to prison to begin a 10-month sentence for helping to destroy genetically ..

The Bove squad - 80 police, dogs and chopper
Sydney Morning Herald, Australia

GM rebel taken to jail
Guardian, UK
José Bové arrested and taken by helicopter to a nearby prison where he is to serve 10 months for destroying GM crops.,11882,983099,00.html

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Pope to receive report on genetically altered foods
Sacramento Bee, USA
Pope John Paul II wants to learn more about the technology that develops genetically engineered food, according to the Vatican representative in Sacramento

USDA Opens $3 Million Biotech Conference in Sacramento;
Agriculture Ministers From Over 100 countries Are Attending; 1000 march in protest
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A debate between the U.S. Dept. of Agriculture Counsel David Hegwood, Food First's Anuradha Mittal, who co-edited a new report called: "Voices from the South: The Third World Debunks Corporate Myths on Genetically Engineered Crops," and Luke Anderson, author of Genetic Engineering: Food and Our Environment

Police intimidation continues in Sacramento on Monday