Korean Govt Recalls Genetically Modified Corn Imported From US
AsiaPulse via Yahoo!
Monday, December 18 12:10 PM SGT

SEOUL, Dec 18 Asia Pulse - Genetically-modified corn products from the United States that had not been approved for human consumption were imported into South Korea by a company known as "D," but have been recalled before market distribution, the Korea Food and Drug Administration (KFDA) said Monday.

Some 2,760 tons of corn products exported by US companies including Cargill Corporation contained StarLink, a corn variety engineered by Aventis to repel pests.

On Nov. 10, the KFDA also recalled tortillas which contained StarLink and banned the imports of products containing such genetically modified corn.

StarLink was approved by the U.S Environmental Protection Agency on May 1998 only for animal consumption as the product may provoke allergic reactions in humans if consumed.

The KFDA was able to begin testing for traces of StarLink since Nov. 29, when the US government handed over an analysis kit.

"All imported corn from the United States will be tested for traces of StarLink and handled accordingly," said the administration.