2 seasonal GM turkey actions below + the chance to vote for your fav GM turkey! How about one with smoking trouzers?! Grab that fowling piece...

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GM protesters arrested at Tegal feed mill
21.12.2000 10:45 AM
New Zealand Herald

Four protestors have been arrested at an anti- genetically-modified food protest in South Auckland.

Greenpeace targeted the Tegal-NRM Feed Mill in Takanini claiming the company uses genetically-modified soy.

Spokeswoman Sarah Duthie said around 20 protestors dressed as giant chickens took part in the protest which ended with the arrests.

Police said four of the protesters have been charged with trespass and are scheduled to appear in the Manukau District Court tomorrow morning. - IRN

Eco-Turkeys blockade and shut-down Asda's distribution centre at Dartford
Tuesday December 19 2000                                             
 Immediate release  Press Release

Today, December 19th at 10.30 a.m. an Asda distribution centre was closed  down for one hour as twenty activists, many dressed in Christmas turkey costumes chained themselves to Asda's lorries at the distribution depot's  entrance and exit. The activists were preventing Asda's meat and dairy  products raised on Genetically Modified (GM) animal feed from reaching  consumers. Police arrived as the blockade ended, there were no arrests.

 The activists locked themselves to two lorries simultaneous leaving and arriving to completely block the single entrance/ exit. Several turkey  costumed activists sat on top of the lorries. Two banners, one 10 metres  long were hung from the lorries, one read 'STUFF YOUR GM TURKEYS' and  another 'GM FEED IS FOWL'. The blockade was called off when an independent  haulier in the depot asked to leave saying one of his relatives was  involved in an emergency situation. The Dairy Technical Director of Asda,  Mr Cheese-right [that really is his name!] agreed to a meeting with the activists the following day.

 The Dartford depot is essential for the supply of Asda's supermarkets which  operate on a 'Just-In-Time' principle. The depot is one of seven regional  distribution centres for distribution of products including dairy products,  frozen meats and poultry and chilled convenience foods. Long queues of  lorries built up at the depot during and after the blockade.

 No independent studies have ever been completed on the risks for animals  and humans in the consumption of GM animal feed. There is no legislation  which regulates the use or labelling of GM animal feed and so consumers have no choice and must assume that all milk, meat, poultry and eggs are  from animals fed on GM unless they are labelled as organic.

 A recent opinion poll by NOP found that 67% of consumers wanted an end to  the practice of feeding GM crops to animals.  Ninety percent thought that  products from animals raised on GM crops should be labelled.

 Kathryn Tulip, one of the activists said  'Without the knowledge or consent of the public, genetically modified  material has been dumped in animal feed. Most meat, eggs, milk and turkeys  sold at Asda are raised on GM feed, but consumers have rejected enetically  modified food. Asda needs to go truly GM free in ALL it's products. Asda is  ignoring public concerns about the effects of feeding GM crops to animals  and the environmental risks involved in growing them".  Contact Kathryn Tulip (on site mobile) 07796 430 141  Editors Notes  The depot is located at: Crossways Business Park, Dartford. DA2 6QA. This  is within sight of the south side of the Dartford Bridge. Take the A202 from the south side of the Dartford Bridge sign-posted Stone to reach the  depot.  Picture Editor Notes  Freelance video footage of the activists call Zoe Broughton: 07779 268 832  Freelance photographs call David Hoffman: 07881 817 751 or see IMAGENET at in the section AGENCIES then HOFFMAN then ASDA

 'precisely because I do not have the beautiful words I need, I call upon my acts to speak to you'
Daisy Zamora

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