1) Control Freaks - the GMO exporters
2) Cargill - Arrogance, Incorporated
3) Archer Daniel Midlands (ADM) - Supermarkup to the World

Now available from Corporate Watch (UK)- a briefing on the two major global grain trading companies, Cargill, Inc and ADM as well as other smaller grain trading companies. These two little- known companies were not only instrumental in the introduction of genetic engineering, but are also responsible for much of the distribution, trading and processing of GM commodities.

As this report highlights, persuading these companies to go GM-free is one of the keys to stopping genetically engineered crops continuing to enter our food chain. Cargill and ADM, however, as the report illustrates, have other ideas...

Two supplements come with the report giving general, background information on the two companies, their cultures and activities and their UK presences.

Briefings available on-line at:    Alternatively for paper copies contact the Corporate Watch office at 16b Cherwell Street, Oxford, OX4 IBG, UK.  01865 791 391.

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