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Economic Human Rights Project
A project of the Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise dedicated to promoting the idea that environmentally conscious policies "perpetuate poverty, misery, disease and early death in developing countries".
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Linked to: Center for the Defense of Free Enterprise 

Cameron J. English
Director of bio-sciences at the industry front group the American Council on Science and Health (ACSH). Former managing editor at the Genetic Literacy Project (GLP), which works with Monsanto. Before the GLP, he was the editor of the now defunct Deniers for Hire website, an ACSH project. GLP podcast co-host with Kevin Folta. Author of a report, welcomed by Matt Ridley, for UK neoliberal "free-market" think tank the Adam Smith Institute that calls for the rapid adoption of GMOs in the UK.   
Articles: Corporate Front Group, American Council on Science and Health, Smears List of Its Enemies as "Deniers for Hire"
Linked to: American Council on Science and Health, Hank CampbellGenetic Literacy ProjectJon Entine, Kevin Folta, Deniers For HireAlex BerezowElizabeth Whelan, Henry I. MillerDennis Avery, Gilbert Ross 

Jon Entine
Runs the Genetic Literacy Projectconsidered "a key partner in Monsanto's public relations efforts to protect and defend agrichemical products." Authored book defending Syngenta’s pesticide atrazine, published by the American Council on Science and Health, an industry front group that received funding from Syngenta. Senior fellow of Pamela Ronald's Institute for Food and Agricultural Literacy (IFAL), which co-hosted the "Biotech Literacy Project boot camp" with Entine's Genetic Literacy Project and the Monsanto-backed group Academics Review. Heavily involved in the attacks on the research of Gilles-Éric Séralini. Visiting Fellow of the American Enterprise Institute. Editor of Let them Eat Precaution: How politics is undermining the genetic revolution in agriculture, published by the American Enterprise Institute, with contributions from Jay Byrne, Patrick Moore, C. S. Prakash, Gregory Conko, Robert Paarlberg, Andrew Natsios, among others.
Profiles: USRTK and SourceWatch and PolluterWatch
Articles: The Making of an Agribiz Apologist
Smelling a Corporate Rat, The Three Stooges of Science Denial 
Flacking for GMOs: How the Biotech Industry Cultivates Positive Media - and Discourages Criticism 
5 Astroturf Groups You Should Stop Sharing From
Linked to: Genetic Literacy Project, Jay ByrneAmerican Council on Science and Health, American Enterprise Institute, Monsanto, Mary ManganPamela Ronald, Kevin Folta

"The voice of the European biotech industry". Has over 600 companies as members, including the GM giants Bayer, Monsanto, and Novartis.
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Linked to: Bayer, Monsanto, Novartis

European Federation of Biotechnology
 European Union
Has corporate membership of around 100 companies with biotech interests.
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Linked to: Klaus Ammann, Biotechnology Industry Organisation

European Science and Environment Forum
A front group set up with money from Big Tobacco, connects to Roger Bate and Julian Morris.
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Linked to: Roger Bate, Institute of Economic Affairs, Julian Morris 

Sarah Evanega
Sarah Evanega was the founding director (2014-2022) of the Cornell Alliance for Science (CAS), a PR campaign and journalist training programme funded by the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, that works to increase acceptance of GM foods around the world. Evanega has claimed that CAS is entirely independent of industry but dozens of emails, posted in the UCSF chemical industry documents library, show CAS and Evanega coordinating closely with the biotech industry and its front groups on its PR initiatives - more about this here. In January 2022, Evanega assumed a new position as Lead for Stakeholder Communications at crop gene editing firm, Pairwise, which is in a strategic alliance with Bayer under which, "Pairwise works in corn, soybeans, wheat, cotton and canola crops exclusively with Bayer". The CEO of Pairwise, Tom Adams, was previously a Vice President at Monsanto. Monsanto was also involved in the initial funding of the start up. Evanega was replaced at the Alliance for Science by Sheila Ochugboju. 
Articles: Cornell Alliance for Science is a PR Campaign for the Agrichemical Industry
Linked to: Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, Cornell Alliance for ScienceMark Lynas, Mary ManganJay ByrneOwen Paterson, Alison Van Eenennaam, Pamela Ronald, Tony Shelton

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