Polish farmers should be protected, not imprisoned!

Urgent! Call for the pardon of Polish GM activist

Please support the campaign of ICPPC - the International Coalition to Protect the Polish Countryside, to obtain a pardon from prison for Marian Zagorny, an activist farmer.

Zagorny was was sentenced on 21 May 2003 for protesting the illegal smuggling of genetically modified organisms (GMO) into Poland. This suspended his previous pardon of a one year prison sentence from 9 June 2000. Over the past five years, Marian Zagorny has publicly opposed, the import of genetically modified maize and grain.

The impact of illegal imports to Poland on small scale farmers is huge. Their livelihoods are already threatened, as rich European companies flock to buy up fertile agricultural land.

Marion Zagorny is defending polish farmers' livelihoods as he opposes the smuggling of illegal maize, grain, chicken and pig meat. As Poland meets the European Union regulations, Polish farmers should be protected, not imprisoned.

Please help by e-mailing the Polish goverment and court and asking for a full pardon for Marion Zagorny.

E-mail the President of Poland, the court and the Minister of Justice in one easy action here: