Militant French farmer sentenced to prison for ripping up GMO crop
Associated Press, Nov 15 2005

TOULOUSE, France France's highest-profile farmer and a Green Party lawmaker were among those sentenced to prison terms today for destroying a field of genetically modified corn planted by an Iowa company in southern France.

Jose Bove, a farmer turned anti-globalization activist, was sentenced to four months in prison.

It was for his role in uprooting a field that belonged to Pioneer Hi-Bred International. The company is based in Johnston.

Bove stood trial in September with eight others, including a Green Party lawmaker and a French member of the European Parliament, both of whom received three-month sentences.

Five other defendants were handed two-month suspended sentences.

The group attacked a G-M-O crop on July 25th, 2004 in the town of Menville. The field, near the southern city of Toulouse, belonged to Pioneer, a subsidiary of Dupont.

Bove and others called the act one of civil disobedience.

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French activist jailed
News 24, 15/11/2005,,2-10-1462_1834787,00.html

Toulouse - French anti-globalisation activist, Jose Bove, has been found guilty of destroying genetically modified (GM) crops.

Bove was sentenced to four months by an appeals court on Tuesday.

Bove has become a cult figure within the anti-globalisation movement.

He was accused of helping to uproot a field of GM maize near the southwestern French city of Toulouse in July 2004.