Here's something that may throw a bit of extra light on the comment at the weekend from Michael Meacher, the former UK environment minister, about, "Having a group of unelected bureaucrats deciding what food should be eaten is fundamentally undemocratic."

Meacher was commenting on the news that the disgraced former minister, Peter Mandelson, who Blair appointed to the European Commission despite his track record of sleaze, is now leading the charge at Brussels to have GM approvals fast-tracked even where a majority of countries don't want them.

Here's what a GM Watch subscriber reports Meacher as saying at Hay on Wye about Blair's conduct in government.

Michael Meacher gave an excellent talk on Saturday, 4 June at the Guardian Hay on Wye Festival. After his talk, he was asked:

"Did Tony Blair listen to your views on the dangers of GM?"

Mr Meacher paused.

The questioner continued, "Did you ever speak with Mr. Blair?"

"No." was Mr. Meacher's short reply. He then added, "But Tony Blair spoke with Lord Sainsbury and his unelected advisors frequently. I think this is wrong."

Lord Melchett and Jeffrey Smith also gave very good talks. Jeffrey Smith signed copies of his book Seeds of Deception afterwards. Lord Melchett now has an organic farm, which he converted from intensive farming a few years ago. Wildflowers and birds have since dramatically increased.

Sarah Meyer
Sussex, UK