23/7/2005 "Disinformation Syndrome" afflicts government scientists
"scientific and technical papers, particularly within U.S. environmental agencies, are routinely censored, altered or manipulated for political purposes or under commercial pressure"

22/7/2005 Honest Science Under Siege
"We have merely scratched the surface here. The corruption of the scientific enterprise has proceeded very far. In some areas of scientific endeavor, there are almost no independent researchers left because nearly every scientist in the field is funded by corporations with an axe to grind."

16/7/2005 Fake Research Hits New High
"I think it's not at all surprising that a drug company would hire somebody who is very comfortable with hiding the effects of very dangerous drugs"

16/7/2005 Government scientists' ties to companies
"The ethical problems are more systemic and severe than previously known"

15/7/2005 Eminent scientist behind illegal GM rice
"Most investigations identified Professor Zhang - who works at the Chinese Academy of Sciences, and the Huazhong (Central China) Agricultural University - as the source of the illegal grain."

15/7/2005 Science blase on terror
"Interviews with 600 life scientists suggested that the majority failed to take into account the possible consequences of their research and that they even believed that if their research was made use of for purposes of terrorism that was, 'not their problem'."

14/7/2005 Chutzpah Science
"exploiting poor farmers and taking risks with their livelihoods for reasons of PR and self-interest, particularly when it's done so brazenly and without any sense of guilt, does qualify as 'Chutzpah Science'."

12/7/2005 Another scientist under attack
"If gene-tampering were so scientifically sound as claimed by its promotors such as Dr Tony Conner... wouldn't a more accurate and well-mannered style be forthcoming from them? Instead, the letters you print from enthusiasts for genetic manipulation are usually intemperate raves, often on the level of mere personal insults."

7/7/2005 Biotech Deal Still Clouds Tenure
"Anyone who has witnessed the aftermath of a fire knows that the more acrid the smoke, the longer the stench persists."

2/7/2005 How to Wambuzle the world
"The GM crop didn't give the virus resistance it was supposed to and the yields were worse than those of the conventional sweet potatoes that it was supposed to replace. Yet despite this disaster, Wambugu's still going around proclaiming the project a success!"

29/6/2005 Professor Bullsh*t unspun!
"This 'anything goes' approach to public communication typically came from scientists at the forefront of those clamouring for the GM debate to be based solely upon 'sound science'. Yet, the claims they themselves peddled to the public seemed at times to have no better foundation than industry spin or common room gossip."

24/6/2005 GM researcher speaks out
"What scares me is normally there are long-term tests but everything is being fast-tracked and hush-hushed."

20/6/2005 Scientists fired for speaking out on biotech project
"There was an atmosphere created, from the state, from the governor's office, that this project had to be approved at all costs."

16/6/2005 Call For Investigation Into Whistle-Blower Firings
"The whistle-blowers are on the front lines, putting health protection ahead of business interests. If the government is unwilling to launch a full investigation, it bodes ill for the future health of Canadians and for our democracy."

9/6/2005 Pusztai on TJ Higgins' attack
"I am very sorry for to be so harsh on Dr Higgins and I even understand that these are hard times and one needs all the brownie points from the establishment one can get."

29/5/2005 Bad Money and Good Science
"If the public is to have confidence in science, we scientists must be able to demonstrate our independence. Such independence will never be guaranteed if scientists have to rely on funds from the food and pharmaceutical industries to research sensitive subjects such as the safety of new drugs, vaccines and GM food."

29/5/2005 Being a heretic's a bad move
"Being a heretic has been a particularly bad idea during four historical periods: the Catholic inquisition, the Lutheran Protestant period, the Stalin-Lysenko years and finally the present day."

26/5/2005 Another scientist under attack - research stopped
"She was days away from final stage testing [for GM contamination] on seed samples gathered around Turkey when the news came from her rector [that her lab had been taken away from her]."

24/5/2005 Private interests behind Public Research Initiative
"The call for increased leverage for 'nonprofit' 'public sector' players, in fact, belies the heavy industrial-alignment of most public sector agricultural biotechnology, where there is a long history of involvement with intensive agricultural R&D, of collaboration with agribusiness multinationals and of significant dependence on commercial funding. The effect of this has inevitably been to generate a convergence of interests, views and even personnel, between private sector and public sector operators."

8/5/2005 Canadian whistleblowers win review
"In my opinion, the whole food system in Canada is corrupted, [and] our politicians are not yet listening. There should be a public investigation into Canadian food safety."

6/5/2005 Biology Prof. Resigns Over Gvt. Use of Plant Research
"She ran a lab dedicated to cutting edge plant research but decided to end her career when she found out that biotechnology companies were co-opting her research for profit."

5/5/2005 Prof Bullsh*t gets "tremendous honor"!
"in trumpeting the value of 'sound science', the biotech brigade have merely made a rope to hang themselves."