This is Syngenta's home territory so expect a massive propaganda drive to try and swing it back to a 'no' vote.

Swiss likely to approve both November votes
Swissinfo, 22 October 2005 [shortened]

Voters look set to accept Sunday trading in major transport hubs and a moratorium on genetically modified organisms (GMOs) in agriculture, says a poll.

The gfs institute survey, which was commissioned by the Swiss Broadcasting Corporation - swissinfo's parent company - comes a month before the two issues go to a vote.

The Swiss will go to the polls on November 27...


Voters are also due to pronounce on whether to ban the use of GMOs from agriculture for a period of five years, after a coalition of consumer and green groups launched a popular initiative.

The poll found that 47 per cent of those questioned were in favour of the ban, 36 per cent against, with 17 per cent undecided.

Experts said that it was therefore still not possible to predict the outcome of the vote.

The strongest support for the moratorium was found among Christian Democrat supporters at 58 per cent. This could be explained by the fact that the party has a lot of rural voters. The Swiss Farmers' Association is in favour of the ban.

Social Democrat voters were also largely supportive, whereas the Swiss People's Party - traditionally with its roots among the farmers - remained divided, with a roughly half-and-half split (47 per cent for, 46 per cent against).

Only the Radical voters were strongly opposed - with 36 per cent approving the moratorium and 44 per cent rejecting it.

swissinfo, Olivier Pauchard