Non-browning non-GMO apples available (February 2017)

Opal Apple: Non-browning, non-GMO alternative to GMO apple (March 2015)

Washington State University develops non-GMO, non-browning apple alternative (January 2014)


Purple, orange, white, yellow and cream carrots that are crunchier and sweeter than ordinary orange ones (October 2011)


Rainbow-coloured corn bred from old varieties (October 2013)


Ground-durable and drought-tolerant eucalyptus trees (June 2022)
The NZ Dryland Forests Initiative is using conventional breeding to develop eucalyptus trees that are ground-durable (resistant to rotting or being eaten by insects when it is in the ground, such as in fencing, house timbers and decking) and drought-tolerant. In June 2022 the project manager confirmed to a member of the public that they are not using GM.


USDA scientists develop anthocyanin-rich red and purple potatoes – and they're available now (December 2014)


Gene responsible for long grains and pleasing texture can now be bred (using non-GM methods) into existing varieties without sacrificing yield (July 2015)


Building a better-tasting mass-market tomato (though they're not as good as the heirloom ones!) (August 2013)

An aromatic tomato could be looming – a la heirloom varieties, say UF scientists (March 2022)