Golden Rice generates a lot of headlines. Here are some briefings, articles, profiles and reports that look beyond the hype.

Briefing on Golden Rice

This Soil Association briefing is a very good introduction to Golden Rice and the proven alternatives.

Golden Rice scientific realities

A guide to the false claims made for Golden Rice

Golden Rice myths

Dr Michael Hansen debunks some of the many myths promoted about Golden Rice (See also the PowerPoint presentation below)

Proponents of food biotechnology are still talking about Golden Rice?

Food, nutrition and public health expert Marion Nestle dismisses the current PR promotion of Golden Rice.

Michael Pollan on Golden Rice

Golden Rice is just another glittering Western techno-fix to a problem with far better solutions

Golden Rice - a complex tangle of unanswered questions

Clare Westwood asks if it is really the best way to address Vitamin A deficiency

Investing in food security? On philanthrocapitalism, biotechnology and development

Sally Brooks is a development specialist and author of the book Rice Biofortification

'Golden' rice ignores the risks, the people and the real solutions

Daniel Ocampo of Greenpeace South East Asia says it is for the target populations to decide if they want Golden Rice

Golden Rice: myth not miracle

Vandana Shiva explains why Golden rice is much less efficient than the available alternatives

Golden Rice not a public product but a corporate one

Golden Rice is a Syngenta product that can be marketed for profit whenever the company wishes

Fakethrough! GMOs and the capitulation of science journalism

Dr Jonathan Latham explains why Golden Rice is just one example of how doubtful research is being inflated into global news

Golden Rice not the solution to Vitamin A deficiency

Farmers and scientists in the Philippines believe golden rice is a “simplistic, techno-fix” and not a solution to hunger, poverty, and malnutrition

(Com)promised charity: Golden Rice and the children of the poor

Nina Somera provides a developing country perspective on Golden Rice

GM crops are no solution to malnutrition

Groups in Asia support Filipino farmers' protests against Golden Rice

Clarifying recent news about Golden Rice

IRRI - the institute overseeing the Golden Rice trials – contradicts some of the hype and admits Golden Rice is still unproven

Golden Rice and the GM crop debate

Sally Brooks is a development specialist and author of the book Rice Biofortification

Golden Rice "could save a million kids a year"

GMWatch looks at the mythology of Golden Rice and the long history of PR claims made for it

Patrick Moore's Golden Rice campaign

The use of Golden Rice as a PR weapon to attack the environmental movement

The infanticide advocate promoting Golden Rice

The latest addition to those claiming the moral high ground over Golden Rice

Editorial in Science promotes Golden Rice myths

Once again GM-supporting scientists make unsupportable claims about Golden Rice

Owen Paterson swallowed industry hype on Golden Rice

Critics have accused the British Environment Secretary of falling for industry lies on Golden Rice. His views have also been criticised in pieces by Prof Andy Stirling, Dr Sue Mayer, John Sauven, and Channel 4 (FactCheck)

Golden Rice study violated ethics rules, say Tufts

Chinese families did not give consent for children to consume GM rice in the part US-funded study, and the researchers have given conflicting accounts of their research

International Rice Research Institute

Profile of the institute overseeing the Golden Rice trials

Ingo Potrykus

Profile of the co-inventor of Golden Rice

Gerard Barry

Profile of the Golden Rice project leader

Biofortification: lessons from the Golden Rice project

Sally Brooks is a development specialist and author of the book Rice Biofortification


Going against the golden grain: A primer on Golden Rice

Southeast Asia Regional Initiatives for Community Empowerment

Open and download report PDF

Who needs Golden Rice?

Dr Chito Medina of MASIPAG

Open and download report PDF

Golden lies: The seed industry's questionable Golden Rice project

Dr Christopher Then of TestBiotech

Open and download report PDF

Golden lies: No credibility for Golden Rice campaign

Dr Christopher Then provides a further briefing

Open and download report PDF

Golden illusion: The broken promises of 'Golden' Rice

Greenpeace International provides the latest summary of the scientific arguments

Open and download report PDF

Golden Rice and Bt crops: Unanswered safety and efficacy questions

Michael Hansen, Ph.D., Senior Scientist, Consumers Union US, University of Philippines Los Baños

Download PowerPoint presentation

Golden Rice health issues and concerns

Presentation made by Dr Gene Nisperos of HEAD, on VAD status in the Philippines (See also the images below from this presentation. These show the rapid decline in this problem in recent years without any use of Golden Rice)

Open and download report PDF

trends in the prevalence Vitamin A deficiency (VAD) amoung children

trends in the prevalence of VAD amoung pregnant and lactating women

comparison of prevalence of Vitamin A deficiency